All Our Projects
Clean Water

Water and sanitation program

Think about the children foundation Uganda supports communities to access safe water and sensitize them on proper hygiene practices

School project

School support Program

TACF Uganda, an organization found in Kasese Municipality, Kasese district in western Uganda, runs several projects like building school toilets, providing safe water , sensitizing the community on proper hygiene and working on environmental protection programs.


Higher Education Support

The overall goal of the project is to improve attainment of University education among poor youth in Kasese, western Uganda. The project aims at the first instance to sponsor 20 students and to support them for three-year courses. The intervention seeks to support the students with tuition, hostel fees, feeding scholastic and personal requirement. Furthermore, the goal of Think About the Children Foundation is to increase the enrolment of students at University and to equip them with life skills so improve their capacity in making informed decisions.

Environment Protection

Nyamwamba River Bank Protection Project

The project is aimed at controlling river Nyamwamba which has greatly contributed to displacement of many families. This project is to cover both sides of the river bank covering a distance of 25 kilometers with bamboo trees.