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Our Objectives

  • To support Vulnerable children to access formal education
  • To provide the children with hands on training  in various fields
  • To support children to access basic needs
  • To provide children with psycho-social support
  • To promote food security and economic empowerment among communities for the welfare of children
  • To promote children's rights
  • To promote environmental conservation awareness among children and their families and to implement projects geared towards environmental protection and sustainability

Our Story

In 2017, a group of ragged and dirty children stormed my gate for they had a message to deliver. They had heard about my stand on children's rights and for that matter they needed their rights protected.  They were street children and had come to plead with me about their colleagues who had been burned with hot water as they were sleeping on someone's veranda.  They were children after all and despite their circumstances they needed a listening ear.  I took up the matter and reported the matter to police the culprits were punished. The bigger question was what next?

I opened my gate to them to come at any time: to play to get some food but my larger intention was to get to know their stories better. There were so many stories; some are true while others based on lies but the bottom line was that somebody must change life for them and that somebody, was me.  I found out that some had actually abandoned school, others were forced out of their families by step mothers while others had become impossible children and joined the streets.  Whatever the reasons, they were not to be wished away.

biggest task was to see that no other children joined the streets and the street children helped to quit the streets.  Some methodology had to be designed and if anything was to work out we had to work with schools to keep the children at school and with the families to monitor their children and to make sure that circumstances at home should not make them join the streets.  They were to think about their children with my help and that’s how “Think About The Children Foundation” was born

We have grouped street children in interest groups to place them into trades that can better their lives; many want to be mechanics and shoe makers. We have visited schools and shared our story of skilling

Family Support

Think About the Children Foundation extends a helping hand to needy families particularly to the families which have children. During times of crisis, the children suffer a lot, they expect answers from their vulnerable parents and yet their parents too have their hands in supplication. TACF reaches out to these families with food supplies and sleeping materials. This is in addition to work we do for the people in camps and street children.

Think About the children is aware of the fact that Kasese population is increasing by the day. The sad fact is that, the floods keep on washing away the land and houses pushing the people to internally displaced peoples camp. This is just a temporal solution and yet the places of refuge have their owners. These places of refuge take the form of schools and churches. Think About the Children Foundation in response to the damage caused by the floods has taken initiative to plant bamboo trees along the river banks of Nyamwamba river in an effort to stop the  flooding and give chance to the people in camps to go back to their homes and effectively utilize their land  for the better livelihood of their children.

This intervention by TACF in a greater extent aims at restoring hope in the children of the poor who  are  often at the front line of suffering. While the children of the well to do are accessing education on line and other means, the vulnerable children are either doing errands for the rich  or they  spend loads of time collecting fire wood or scrap to sell to eke to the family resource . To them education takes a back seat not because they will so but because their circumstances dictate so.

School Support

TACF supports schools with construction of classrooms where resourced permit, we work together with school managements and parents to ensure that the projects are implemented to the required standards TACF   also   supports schools with water and sanitation projects, we construct VIP toilets to deserving schools. We mobilize resources for water tanks and for drilling of boreholes in all schools and a remedy to water borne diseases. We are sensitive to the needs of disabled children and we ensure inclusion in every aspect of our work with schools.

About Us

Supporting communities in the welfare of the children

TACF was founded in 2017 to cater for the welfare of orphans and other vulnerable children. It is based in Kasese municipality, Rwenzori region of Uganda.
The need to support the children was overwhelming especially after the region /district was hit by many calamities. The recurrent and perennial floods left many people homeless and the civil strife which left close to 200 people dead leaving behind many orphans . Those two major incidents and many others were reason enough for us to establish a foundation that would address the needs of these children for without this foundation, education was going to take a back seat in the lives of these children. The Organization is fully registered with the Municipal authorities to renders services to the children regardless of their status. We have in a big move tried to reclaim street children from the streets and support to acquire skills through placing them with artisans

We believe, there are always people in the community who, if supported, will help raise an orphan

The high level of unemployment, poverty, social exclusion and economic deprivation is a common phenomenon among the youth, not only in Uganda but also a worldwide concern. This is re-echoed in Uganda Vision 2040 which recognizes that Uganda has a labor force that is largely under or unemployed due to inappropriate skills and low labor absorptive capacity of the economy.
Think about the Children  Foundation  is at the front line of skilling the children /Youth . Our approach looks at equipping children with skills right from Primary five.  We would like to support schools with tools and equipment for this purpose.
TACF also links young people with no resounding academic background to artisans. Once there we provide them with tools.